Let the Punishment Fit

Magdalen logged onto her favorite site and prepared to settle in for a good hour of entertainment. There were always new stories to be enjoyed on the Fiction page, or stimulating discussions on the Current Events page. But she’d avoided visiting the Spanking and Discipline site while her lover Janet was busy writing a paper for her sociology class, out of sympathy. It was Janet’s favorite site too, but Maggie had ruled it “off limits” until her paper was completed, knowing how easily her lover was distracted from what she was supposed to be working on.

Janet had whined and protested, but realizing that Maggie was right, had eventually given way. Not that she’d had much choice in the matter. Maggie shook her head, recalling her lover’s irrepressible personality.

“I’ll bet I could get an extension on this paper,” she’d said persuasively, tossing her blonde curls and gazing up at Maggie through her lashes. “The prof likes me. She says I enliven the discussions in class!”

“I’ll bet,” Maggie agreed with a snort. “But it’s not fair to the other students who finished the assignment on time. Especially since you could’ve been one of them had you not put it off till the last minute.”

Janet scowled. “You know I need to be inspired to write.”

“Uh-huh. Well, let the thought of my reaction inspire you,” Maggie replied, reaching out to turn Janet around and deliver a resounding SWAT to her jean-clad backside. “You have two days left….get to it!”

“Ouch! Okay, okay, you don’t have to hit.” Janet rubbed her rear end resentfully, before sitting (gingerly) down at her desk and powering up her laptop. She’d gazed out the window longingly, knowing she was the only person alive sitting inside on this sunny weekend. Half an hour and several sighs later, she shut down her machine.

“It’s no good,” she announced. “I have to go work on this at WorldVision.”

“Your job?” Maggie said, puzzled. “Why do you need to do it there?”

“It’s too distracting here! I keep thinking of my bike in the garage and how it’s a perfect day for riding. Or I keep seeing you pass by and thinking how we could be doing other things….” she wrapped her arms around her partner and hugged her hard.

“Mmmm.” Maggie hugged her back. “Believe me, babe, I would love to be doing those other things as well. And we will….just as soon as you finish your damn paper!” She looked at Janet’s pouting face thoughtfully. “But maybe going to the office isn’t such a bad idea. Would there be anyone there?”

“On a Saturday afternoon?” Janet scoffed. “Of course not. Other people have lives, you know!”

Maggie had ignored the gibe and admonished her to stay no longer than six hours. “Come home by 7:00, and then I’ll take you out to dinner to celebrate your hard work, how’s that?”

“Oooo – Thai food?!” Janet’s face lit up.

“You got it. But only if you put in some hard work on that paper, understand?”

And so Janet had left, still excitedly planning the menu for that evening. That had been three hours ago, and Maggie was tempted to call her and see how she was doing.

No, she thought. Better to not interrupt her and just let her work.

She watched as the SaD site logo filled her screen, then typed in her password. She went straight to the Fiction page to check for new posts. Though her preferred genre of F/F stories were rare, it was always a nice surprise when one appeared.

But the surprise she got was an unpleasant one.

“I don’t friggin’ believe it!” she said under her breath in disbelief. There, at the bottom of the screen, was Janet’s nickname among the list of users, indicating her lover was also visiting the site. She logged off quickly and shut down the computer. It wasn’t the first time Janet had gone surfing when she was supposed to be working, but this was outright disobedience, and Maggie was furious.

“That’s it, that girl needs a lesson she’ll never forget,” she pronounced under her breath as she drove herself over to WorldVision. “When I’m done with her, she’ll wish she’d never even heard of the word computer!”

She parked next to Janet’s MR2 and walked to the entrance of the large, two-story office complex. She was glad to note that in spite of Janet’s claim that no one would be there, a couple of the other offices were lit from the inside, and that the security guard was also on duty.

“Afternoon, ma’am,” he greeted her with a smile as he opened the door for her. Most of the staff knew Maggie was Janet’s partner. “Shame to be working on a weekend.”

“It is a shame,” she agreed, keeping her temper well-hidden behind a friendly smile. “Which is why I’m here for moral support.”

“Aw, that’s nice,” he replied, naturally having no idea of the kind of “support” poor Janet would be shortly receiving.

Taking the elevator to the second floor, Maggie paused outside of Janet’s office. The door held a large glass panel through which she could see her lover, but Janet was so intent on her monitor that she wasn’t aware of being observed till Maggie rapped softly on the door.

Janet started and her eyes opened wide. The guilty look which crossed her face was so fleeting that Maggie might have missed it, had she not already known what Jan was up to. Her lover hurriedly clicked on something, then jumped up to open the door.

“Hi babe! This is an unexpected pleasure. What brings you here?” Janet’s voice was slightly breathless.

“Oh, just thought I’d drop in and see how you were doing,” Maggie replied casually. “Making good progress?” She moved toward the desk where Janet’s books and papers were spread out.

“Great, just great,” Janet said hastily. She moved nervously back to her seat, throwing a quick glance at her monitor. The screen saver displayed a scene from Xena, Warrior Princess, and her relief was almost palpable.

“That’s wonderful, hon. Well, I don’t want to interrupt, just wanted to see how you were doing. What are you researching now?”

“Uh….some commonalities of the temperance, women’s, and anti-slavery movements.”

“Ah, and is that what you were so engrossed in when I arrived?” In spite of the off-hand tone of her query, Maggie was watching her carefully. Janet did everything she could to avoid implicating herself, but she never directly lied.

“Oh….not exactly.” She flushed slightly and avoided looking at her lover.

“No? What then? Must’ve been very interesting.”

At the pointedness of that question, Janet looked up guiltily. What she saw in her lover’s expression made her heart sink. She opened her mouth to reply, but nothing emerged.

“Well?” Maggie’s tone had sharpened, and Janet flinched.

“I was…on…the SaD site.” The last part of the confession was mumbled almost inaudibly.

Maggie nodded. “I know. I saw you,” she said through gritted teeth.

“I just logged on for a second,” Janet began, “I’ve been working on my paper for hours and needed a break—”

Maggie held up her hand imperiously. “Save it,” she said. “I don’t want to hear your excuses. You know perfectly well what the rule was.”

Janet nodded miserably. But of course she wasn’t getting off that easily.

“And what was the rule?”

“No visiting the SaD site until my paper was done.” Janet hated this part. It always made her feel like five-year-old.

“And was the rule unclear?”

“No….ma’am.” Maggie had never requested the appellation, but somehow it seemed to slip out whenever Janet knew she was in trouble. And no doubt about it, this was Trouble.

“But you disobeyed it anyway.”

Janet opened her mouth to protest, but seeing the implacable expression on Maggie’s face realized it would do no good. “Yes, ma’am.”

“Not only did you disobey, but you snuck out of the house to do it.”

Janet could not answer affirmatively to that one, even though it was the truth. It just sounded so devious when Maggie put it that way. She gazed up at her lover with as contrite an expression as she could manage. “I’m reeeeeally sorry, Mags.”

“No, what you are right now is regretful of being caught. But in a few moments you will be Really Sorry!” With that, she swept out of Janet’s office. The reason for her sudden departure became clear a moment later when she returned wheeling in the receptionist’s chair. Unlike Janet’s executive model, this chair did not have arms.

Janet groaned as she realized the implications of this – someone sitting on that chair could very easily support someone else across their lap. Sure enough, Maggie pushed Janet’s chair out of the way and moved the other chair into place. Then she sat down, adjusted the height to her satisfaction, and then moved Janet’s wireless keyboard and mouse to the floor next to her, on the left hand side.

“What are you….” Janet began faintly.

“Come here, young lady!”

Janet looked at her pleadingly. “Maggie, please, my door has a glass panel! Anyone can see right through it….”

“Perhaps you should’ve thought of that when you decided this was the perfect place to disobey me.” Maggie’s tone was scathing.

“It wasn’t like that! I—”

“Little grrl, if you make me come get you, you will regret it severely, I can promise you that!” Her voice was like a whip, and Janet scurried to obey.

As soon as she was positioned at Maggie’s right side, her lover reached out and began to unfasten her denims. “Have you heard of the aphorism that the punishment should fit the crime?” Maggie asked, yanking her jeans down to mid-thigh, and pulling her lover over her lap.

“Ye-es,” Janet said, feeling her world shift dizzily as she found herself staring at the floor, or rather at her keyboard and mouse which lay on the floor beneath her.

“And do you think it’s a good idea?”

“Mag-gie, pleeeease! I don’t…OW!! Ow, that hurts!” Janet’s reply increased abruptly in volume as Maggie landed several hard smacks on her panty-clad bottom.

“Do you think it’s a good idea?” Maggie repeated.

“Yes, yes, I do!” Janet said, having no clear idea of what she was agreeing to, but knowing she wanted to get this over with as soon as possible.

“Good. Then you will appreciate the punishment I am about to administer.” She paused to slowly lower Janet’s underwear to join her jeans, appreciating the pink color that was blossoming on the cheeks now displayed.

Janet doubted very much that she would appreciate anything that was about to happen, but wisely held her tongue. She could feel the air-conditioned breeze wafting over her warmed buttocks, and squirmed uneasily.

“Since you seem to be unable to concentrate on the paper you’re supposed to be writing, I will assist you. I think between your typing and my motivation, we should be able to complete at least a couple of pages, don’t you?”

“But…but….but….I can’t see the screen!” Janet said in disbelief. Maggie could not possibly be serious about this!

“Nevermind, I can,” her lover replied with no little satisfaction. “And let me tell you, I will be correcting your spelling and grammar as we go.”

“This is impossible, it’s not fair!!” Janet wailed.

“Get typing,” was Maggie’s grim reply. “The sooner you complete two pages, the better off you will be.” And with that, she raised her hand and brought it down sharply on Janet’s bare bottom.

It was three hard smacks later before Janet was able to gather her wits, position the keyboard and mouse, and begin typing. Her buttocks were already tingling….Maggie was spanking her hard….and it was nearly impossible to form thoughts in a logical manner.

The temperance movement of the 19th and early 20th centuries, she wrote desperately, was an organized effort to encourage moderation in the consumption of intoxacating liquors.

“You misspelled ‘intoxicating,'” Maggie said, having to raise her voice a bit above the echoing slap of palm against yielding flesh.

Janet groaned, backspacing hurriedly while trying to count out the keystrokes in her mind. She prayed that no one would happen to walk by her office, or that Jim the security guard wouldn’t decide to investigate the loud reports that must be leaking out into the hall, despite the closed door. Though her desk stood between the door and the sight of her draped bare-bottomed over Maggie’s knee, it wouldn’t be too hard to figure out exactly what was going on. Maggie tended to lift her arm in a wide arc when she was spanking with as much force as she was using now.

With my luck, it would be that stiff in Data Security who would pass by! It would make the bastard’s day to see that, Janet thought, slightly ill as she imagined the glee on his face, and how he would love to let everyone know about the time the Senior Vice President of Product Management was taken over her lover’s knee and spanked like a naughty child.

“You’re slowing down,” Maggie pointed out, her own slaps speeding up as a result.

“Oh god….Owww, please, Maggie, that hurts!” Janet’s hips were shifting slightly from side to side as they tried to evade that thundering hand.

“Keep typing,” was the unsympathetic reply.

The movement lay in a matrix of unrest and intellectual fermnt…

“There’s a typo in ‘ferment.'”


“Watch your language, missy!”

“Sorry…ouch! Ow, not so hard!”

…in which other social ills, such as slavery, lack of women’s suffrage, and ill-treatment of marginalized people were addressed by liberals and conservatives alike.

“Nice sentence,” Maggie said admiringly. “See? You really can produce when you apply yourself.” Still, her hand fell with painful regularity, and Janet wondered how she would ever survive two whole pages of such chastisement. Her bottom was on fire, and each stroke of her lover’s hand built upon the last in an agonizing way.

Sometimes called the First Reform Era, running through the 1830’s and ’40’s, it was a period of inclusive humanitarian reform.

“Remove the apostrophe’s before the s’s in 30s and 40s,” Maggie instructed.

Janet cursed under her breath as she struggled to make the correction. Why did I ever think I wanted a blasted English major as a girlfriend?! she wondered woefully.

“Keep typing,” came that now-hated instruction.

And so it went for an entire lifetime. The ringing swats covering every inch of her buttocks as well as her upper thighs, falling from shoulder height, sweeping up from below. There was no way to evade them, no choice but to keep writing through the red haze of pain.

In the end, Maggie stopped after only one page, but by then Janet was nearly in tears. She could no longer think about her paper, no longer think about anything but the soreness of her blazing rear end, which she could feel throbbing in time with her heartbeat.

Her hands had left the keyboard, had ended up gripping the edge of the chair in her distress, and any profundities on sociological issues had long since deserted her. She was reduced to whimpering and pleading, to eventually crying out, “Please! I’m sorry…I’m so sorry!” over and over again.

Knowing her partner was now truly remorseful and unlikely to break this particular rule again, Maggie took pity on her. Pulling her carefully upright and settling her crimson derrière carefully in her lap, Maggie held Janet in her arms, murmuring soothing noises as her lover buried her face against her neck. She cuddled her for several minutes, rubbing her back and placing gentle kisses on her forehead, her cheek, her lips.

“You still have one more page to write,” she said softly. Janet pulled back with a gasp and a fearful expression. Maggie shook her head. “You’ll sit here bare-bottomed and finish it,” she said. “Then I’ll take you out to dinner.”

Janet sighed in relief. Sitting on the uncomfortable chair on a bottom spanked raw by Maggie would be no picnic. But at least the walloping part was done.

“Thai food?” she asked hopefully.

“Bread and water,” Maggie replied, mock sternly.

Janet giggled, knowing she was truly forgiven if her lover could joke with her. “You wouldn’t do that, because that would be punishing your stomach too, and that’s something that will never happen!”

“Brat,” Maggie growled affectionately, knowing this was perfectly true. She stood them both up and moved out of the way. “Get typing.”

Janet sighed and settled herself painfully on the chair. As she worked, the topic of her next research paper was already forming in the back of her mind: “Surfing the Net: Why Covering One’s Tracks is So Important.”

The End