Hi there, fellow kinksters! I’m afraid I just discovered that my first story on Amazon, “Small Town Blues,” had a few typos and missing words. It seems I uploaded an older copy (i.e., before Fizzy’s eagle eye corrections). I have fixed the situation, but I’m sorry for those of you who shelled out 99 cents for a copy with grammatical errors. I’d like to offer a copy of the corrected version (PDF format) to replace what you’ve purchased. Just write to me at alyx@alyxrancher.com to request it.

I’ve been busy trying to figure out the Barnes & Noble Nook platform, so I can offer my stories on there as well. In between times I’ve been working on my novel, and soon I’ll be working again for the company I previously worked at, albeit on the part-time basis. All this is to say that I realize there haven’t been any new stories lately, and it might be awhile before there are more published. However I do have plans to put my gypsy stories up for sale eventually, and this will include completely new material as well.

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