Hello Spank-Fans! I have just published a new book which contains 4 holiday tales, and it’s available on Amazon.com. I do realize Christmas has passed, but I just managed to finish it and didn’t want to wait a whole year before publishing. 😉  Here’s a description of the contents:

Season’s Heatings

Noelle has an encounter with a stranger dressed in red on Christmas Eve. The woman implies that she is Jolly Old St. Nick, but Noelle knows that’s impossible….isn’t it?

All Wrapped Up

Noelle HATES Christmas shopping, and the outing is made even worse when an inept gift wrapper loses Noelle’s carefully chosen purchase.  It’s perfectly understandable and completely excusable that Noelle would lose her temper. Too bad not everyone sees it that way.

‘Tis Better to Give Than Receive

Kara believes she has found the perfect Christmas present for Rayne – the kind of gift that keeps on giving. Now the trick will be getting her to accept it….

The Birth of Baby Cheeses

Noelle is back, and she’s come up with a brilliant prank to play on her best friend Sara. Her girlfriend Paige has declared a moratorium on pranking, but Noelle can’t resist. Will she regret it in the end?

Long-time fans will recognize three of those titles, which first appeared on my blog awhile back. However the last story is completely new, written especially for this anthology. You can find it on the home page, or use this link to the book on Amazon US: Season’s Heatings (and Other Holiday Goodies).

I had a great time writing all of these stories, and I think that’s reflected in the light-hearted nature of these tales. I hope you enjoy reading them, and will leave a review if you do purchase the book? Happy New Year to all of you! 🙂

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