Slightly late, but still festive

Hello Spank-Fans! I have just published a new book which contains 4 holiday tales, and it’s available on I do realize Christmas has passed, but I just managed to finish it and didn’t want to wait a whole year before publishing. πŸ˜‰Β  Here’s a description of the contents:

Season’s Heatings

Noelle has an encounter with a stranger dressed in red on Christmas Eve. The woman implies that she is Jolly Old St. Nick, but Noelle knows that’s impossible….isn’t it?

All Wrapped Up

Noelle HATES Christmas shopping, and the outing is made even worse when an inept gift wrapper loses Noelle’s carefully chosen purchase.Β  It’s perfectly understandable and completely excusable that Noelle would lose her temper. Too bad not everyone sees it that way.

β€˜Tis Better to Give Than Receive

Kara believes she has found the perfect Christmas present for Rayne – the kind of gift that keeps on giving. Now the trick will be getting her to accept it….

The Birth of Baby Cheeses

Noelle is back, and she’s come up with a brilliant prank to play on her best friend Sara. Her girlfriend Paige has declared a moratorium on pranking, but Noelle can’t resist. Will she regret it in the end?

Long-time fans will recognize three of those titles, which first appeared on my blog awhile back. However the last story is completely new, written especially for this anthology. You can find it on the home page, or use this link to the book on Amazon US: Season’s Heatings (and Other Holiday Goodies).

I had a great time writing all of these stories, and I think that’s reflected in the light-hearted nature of these tales. I hope you enjoy reading them, and will leave a review if you do purchase the book? Happy New Year to all of you! πŸ™‚

An apology

Hi there, fellow kinksters! I’m afraid I just discovered that my first story on Amazon, “Small Town Blues,” had a few typos and missing words. It seems I uploaded an older copy (i.e., before Fizzy’s eagle eye corrections). I have fixed the situation, but I’m sorry for those of you who shelled out 99 cents for a copy with grammatical errors. I’d like to offer a copy of the corrected version (PDF format) to replace what you’ve purchased. Just write to me at to request it.

I’ve been busy trying to figure out the Barnes & Noble Nook platform, so I can offer my stories on there as well. In between times I’ve been working on my novel, and soon I’ll be working again for the company I previously worked at, albeit on the part-time basis. All this is to say that I realize there haven’t been any new stories lately, and it might be awhile before there are more published. However I do have plans to put my gypsy stories up for sale eventually, and this will include completely new material as well.

A Belated Thanksgiving

I meant to have my next book published as a sort of Thanksgiving present, but RL intervened, and it didn’t happen. So here it is, a few days late, but it does come with all the gratitude I’m capable of. I am extremely thankful for anyone who’s supported my work, whether or not you’ve purchased a story/book. The letters, reviews, and purchases lift my spirits and keep me grounded at the same time. Mahalo nui loa (as they say in Hawaii) for all your support.

And so here it is (finally), the series which started as a fun tale set in post-Tudor times (approximately), and evolved into a deeply satisfying relationship — the story about Rowan and Queen Brise. Old-time readers will note that the “middle story” is completely new, as the original piece was written by Tenth Muse Top, a woman whose work is stirring and irreplaceable, and I know we all grieve its disappearance from the Net.

I’ve tried to provide a different direction for the trilogy, and I trust my audience will find it hot in its own way. πŸ™‚Β  Click on the thumbnail on the main page to find it on Amazon US, or use this link: By Authority of the Queen.

What I’m up to….

Hi Spank-fans! I know it’s been awhile, but I haven’t been completely indolent. I’ve been working on my next book, which will be another “trilogy.” This one will contain the stories based on Queen Brise and Rowan, which started as a peasant girl daring to steal some fruit from the Queen’s orchard, and the consequences which follow.

I’ve had to replace the “middle” story to that trilogy, which long-time fans will recall was written by Tenth Muse Top. (She did not want to be included.) Though I agree that that’s a shame, the good news is that there will be a completely new story in this universe, and it promises to be a hot one!

So be on the lookout for the new book on Amazon, which I hope to announce shortly. And have a Happy Halloween/Spectacular Samhain!

New book out

Happy day, Spank-fans, because my book about SuperTop is finally up on Amazon! It contains three tales featuring the well-loved (and feared *g*) character Emily Winters, whose life mission is to help people solve their domestic discipline problems. She is wise and caring and carries a bag full of implements….kind of like a stern and spanky Mary Poppins. πŸ˜€

The stories in the book include two which I’ve previously had up before — “More Powerful Than a Loco Motive,” and the Christmas tale “Winters’ Warmth.” But it also has a brand new story, in which Ms. Winters must help a couple who are afraid spanking is no longer possible for them because of one woman’s injury. Needless to say, she manages to show them that discipline is always possible, though sometimes one must get creative to apply it!

Which brings me to a warning, in case there is anyone who would be turned off by the practice — the third story features a mild caning, and the application of ginger which is known as “figging.” (Look it up if you are unfamiliar with the practice, so you are not buying a book which will offend you.) I think it’s pretty tasteful and hot, but then I’m the author, so your mileage may vary.Β  ;D

On the other hand, the third story also introduces a plot development which I hinted at very strongly in the Winters’ Warmth story….does anyone remember? If not, you’ll have to buy the book to find out, I guess. *g* Seriously, I do hope you all enjoy it.

(Find the link on the thumbnail cover on the homepage, or click here: SuperTop.)

Happy Easter

As the name of the holiday Easter is derived from Eostre, an Anglo-Saxon goddess associated with spring and fertility, I think it’s appropriate day to announce a new story. Hope you all enjoy it. πŸ™‚

Click on the thumbnail cover to go to Amazon, or here: The Art of Romance. Wishing you all some hot cross buns this holiday! πŸ˜€

Second story in the Clare and Erin series is up….

The cover on this one isn’t as professionally done, I’m sure you’ll notice. But I couldn’t see paying for a professional photo of fountain pens, when I have a whole collection myself! So anyway, you have *cough* mine. πŸ˜€

Click on the thumbnail cover to go to Amazon, or here: The Pen is Mightier. And as always, thank you for your support…it means a lot. πŸ™‚

First story in Clare & Erin series is up

Well, I’m back from vacation and feeling very refreshed. Except for wishing I was back Down Under, of course. πŸ˜€ However that’s beside the point.

I’m back in the saddle and working on publishing the next couple of stories in the Clare & Erin series. The first one, “The English Lesson” is up on Amazon (click on the thumbnail of the cover above). For some strange reason it doesn’t have the “Click to Look Inside” feature, but they say it can take up to a week to appear. If you want to see a sample you can have a free sample sent to your e-reader, which is the same as the preview.

After the next couple of stories, I’m thinking of putting up something new, but it needs a bit of “padding” first. (No, not PADDLING — you spank-fans have one-track minds! :p )

Anyway, thanks for all your patience and support. I hope to reward it soon with a brand new story. πŸ™‚

Final story in the Cassie & Nicky series is up

Well, final so far, that is. πŸ˜‰ You can click on the thumbnail image above for the link to the US Amazon page, or find it here: Be Careful What You Wish For.

I will be publishing an anthology of all the Cassie & Nicky stories in one volume, just to make it easier for those who want it all in one place. And after that, I’m taking a well-earned vacation! See you all in a few weeks. πŸ˜€

UPDATE: Holding off on publishing any anthologies, as I think it’s more important to get all my stories up first.

Fourth story published

My latest is up on Amazon, Spank-fans. And it’s two stories in one (I combined “Taken by Surprise” and what was formerly “A Picture is Worth a Thousand Whacks”). Hope you all enjoy. πŸ™‚